3D displays for the near future


Depth of Field


Our volumetric displays allow viewers to experience depth and parallax. These phenomena are lost in traditional TVs and computer screens.

No Goggles Needed


An audience can spot your content from across the room, then walk up to the display and inspect it together.

Vibrant Imagery


We use LEDs and persistence of vision to bring point-cloud video to any table, desk, or shelf. Power plug required.


Computer Aided Design


Use volumetric CAD to edit your model accurately and demo to clients effectively.

Walk-up Advertisement


Engage pedestrians with 3D video ads.

Medical Imaging


We make it easy to view fMRI data. This is a hard problem.

What's a volumetric display?

It's like this clip starting at 4:55. Except ours sits inside a transparent shell that protects you from fast-moving parts. (We have no affiliation with Rolls-Royce.)

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Armadillo Displays

Houston, Texas, United States